We have all ventured from the big city to the mountain town to find that the night life in the mountain town can sometimes be hard to find. You end up getting off of the mountain from a day of snowboarding or skiing, ready to have a few drinks and club it up, and all you can find is a couple dive bars with overpriced drinks and lame entertainment. It’s even worse when the crowd clears out at early hours leaving you and your crew bored out of your skull.

It can be hard to figure out where the night life in a mountain town is hidden away. This site will provide you with that information for when you are on a vacation or just getting away for a weekend to the hills. We will keep you out of the bars and clubs where the locals do nothing but give dirty looks and cause drama. Some of us have witnessed this and ended up wishing there had been some sort of information about the bar on the corner before we entered and got lamed out.

Not all mountain towns are created equal. Some of the smaller mountain towns are going to have extremely limited resources when it comes to a night life. There may only be a handful of bars and one of them might be out of towner friendly. Some mountain towns have plenty of night life, but it can change nightly based on the entertainment and or specials. Knowing before hand where the night life is best, and what club or bar is going to have the right crowd, can save you a ton of time and headaches. Possibly heartaches too.

As we venture through mountain towns this winter to get some riding time in, we plan on hitting up as many, if not all of the bars / clubs along the way. It’s going to be a tough situation, because if we are in a larger mountain town, we may end up finding the party in the first place we go and not leaving. We can only get so many nights in a town before life kicks back in and we have to get back to the real day job again come Monday.

Also, timing can mean everything. If we are in California in January and split for Utah in February, who’s to say that the clubbing situation might be better in California in February instead of January. It’s a wag that we must endure and take into consideration. No matter where we end up, we always find that the best parties are at the end of the season in the spring. As resorts are closing down, some boast beach parties. Some boast parking lot tailgating bashes. Some have the huge events on the hill that turn into a party at the foot of the mountain afterwards. We hope to find them all.

The plan is to get out there and have the best time possible without having to ask around and possibly end up in a crummy club with less than stellar entertainment.